Do the 2024 Honda CR-V and RAV4 offer greater comfort?  

In terms of interior size, climate control, and seat quality, some sources suggest that  

Here are some things to think about:  

The seats in the CR-V are more customizable and comfy, with a wider range of motion, than those in the RAV4.  

While the RAV4 has a smaller array of high-end options, the CR-V comes equipped with heated front seats and dual-zone automatic temperature control on the majority of trim levels.  

The CR-V offers more room for passengers and cargo than the RAV4, particularly in the trunk and rear seat2.  

But comfort is also a matter of taste, and some drivers might favor the off-road capabilities,  

increased ground clearance, and more rugged design of the RAV4. Driving both models side by side will allow you to determine which best meets your needs and tastes.