What Is a Pilot Car? An LS6 Isn't the Only Thing That Makes This ’70 Chevelle SS Special:

A pilot car often precedes unique or large shipments on roads but, in automotive vernacular,  

it signifies a pre-production model or special edition, like the ’70 Chevelle SS.

While the LS6 engine, a beastly 454 cubic inch V8 monster,crowns it among muscle car royalty, there's more that contributes to its aura.

Special features including its pioneering design, limited production numbers,

and specific configurations that weren't widely available make this Chevelle SS stand out.

Unique color schemes, bespoke interior options, and rare factory-installed extras add layers to its desirability.

Collectors and enthusiasts cherish these nuanced details as much as the powerful LS6, proving that the Chevelle's charm isn't horsepower-deep.